Dear Members and Friends of the Swiss Business Association Saudi Arabia (SBASA)

As Chairman of the Executive Committee of the SBASA Board it is a special honour for me to convey you a cordial welcome.

SBASA is a young apolitical non-profit Association, founded on March 31, 2006 in Riyadh under the patronage of the Ministers of Economics and Trade of Switzerland and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main aim is to enhance and to cultivate the economical exchange and cultural relationship between Saudi Arabia on the one hand and the countries of Switzerland and Liechtenstein on the other hand.
On our challenging path we have noticed that one of the first activities on the priority list is to enhance  the overall awareness about Saudi Arabia and its economical and industrial potential. A step which is mandatory not only in Switzerland but throughout Europe. In this respect I am especially proud that we can offer you now most useful information on our brand new website.
Personally I am impressed about the following strengths of Saudi Arabia:
- Increasing importance of business opportunities. The latest proof for this encouraging development is a circular dated April 27 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this document Saudi embassies are entitled to issue visas to foreign businessman without the need for a letter from a local sponsor in the Kingdom, provided they are satisfied that they are genuine businessmen and coming for business purpose.

- Widening range of investment opportunities. As an example I refer to the huge infrastructural projects, like, among many other and similarly impressive projects, the development of King Abdullah economic city, a multi-billion dollar economic project revealed in 2005. With a total development area of almost 2 billion square feet (173 km2), the City is located between the two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina and the commercial hub of Jeddah. The project cost is about 100 Billion SAR = $26.6 Billion USD.

- Tremendous potential still waiting to be exploited, especially in sectors such as but not limited to construction, ground transportation, security, education and health care.
In a summary the future of Saudi Arabia looks bright. I invite you to take advantage of this situation. SBASA will provide you with all its support.
Sincerely yours
Dr. Thomas Staehelin